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What can we

 USSRI "UkrVODGEO" performs research and design work on the following topics:

1. Solutions for engineering protection of territories against flooding and damaging action of water:

  •     survey, engineering hydrogeology and hydro survey;
  •     development of countermeasures and design documentation.

2. Support projects for integrated watershed management and engineering protection of territories:

  •     inspection and certification of the technical condition of buildings, structures and utilities, water supply systems;
  •     and drainage, storage, development of recommendations to improve the efficiency of their operation;
  •     development of technological rules for designing treatment plants and certain sections of the projects;
  •     compilation of EIA section;
  •    development regulations of water use, determine the maximum allowable discharges and emissions;
  •    design work on utility lines and storm water systems, household, industrial sewage, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning.

3.Kompleksnye projects engineering protection and environmental protection:

  •     measures against floods, flooding, soil depletion in agricultural, urban and industrial areas.

4. Development of computer add-ons to support complex programs, systems management and monitoring:

  •     research and information systems;
  •     Original software for modeling filtration and transfer in soil water, surface and annual runoff, water balance and Sediments, to sweep the model of business plans, to predict the negative influences.

5. Drinking water:

  •     improvement of filtration systems using a single-layer load from natural minerals and bezgraviynoy drainage system;
  •     obezzhelezhivanie natural water by initiating samokoagulyatsii iron;
  •     the use of composite coagulants to improve drinking water quality.

6. Development of rational use of water resource schemes industry, including the following methods:

  •     prevent the formation of deposits and crustose corrosion processes;
  •     the use of treated storm water softened in inverse cycles;
  •     reuse of treated wastewater for water supply processes and the creation of local vodovozvratnyh cycles.

7. Development of a comprehensive treatment technology manufacturing companies runoff water using physical, chemical and biological (bio-sorptional) method, which allows you to remove organic and inorganic compounds.
8. New technologies and facilities of municipal wastewater and industrial runoff waters including:

  •     implementation on an industrial scale innovative solutions to combat microbial growth;
  •     Microbiological methods of suppressing corrosion;
  •     intensification of biological treatment and deep purification of municipal and industrial water runoff, deep cleaning of oil, heavy metals, etc.;
  •     New technical solutions to use natural alumino-silicates for the treatment of industrial water runoff;

9. Inventory of waste, preparation of passports waste of register maps and objects of waste; waste processing technology to produce marketable products, manufacture of composite fertilizers from waste products from processing / agricultural products together with excess activated sludge.